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Bob Laroux Fishing Guide
Fishing Guide Bob Laroux at control console in the pontoon boat's heated and air conditioned cabin

Are you ready for a great time?
      Ready for great fishing in comfort?
            Well, you've come to the right place!

Any day that you are out fishing is a good day. But, it can also be a bit too hot or cold or be interrupted by a light rain - it's still good, but no so comfortable. Unique T B Guide Service makes every fishing day both good and comfortable - and is the ONLY guide service to offer this. That's what makes it UNIQUE!

Crappie fishing from a 24' pontoon boat is the perfect, memorable outing for a family or group to enjoy fishing together with a roomy boat to fish from. Add in a roof over the deck to protect against a light rain or too much sun and the outing just gets a lot better. Of course, it can still be too hot or chilly on some days - so you can duck into a heated and air conditioned cabin to get comfortable. Now, THAT  MAKES  A  GOOD  FISHING  DAY  INTO  A GREAT  FISHING  DAY!

Make a Great Memory! Your family or friends won't forget a great day of fishing together on Toledo Bend Lake with the room and facilities to make them all comfortable at the same time. Of course, sharing a fried fish fillet snack together at lunch time only makes it all better!

Bob Laroux, your guide, has been fishing on Toledo Bend Lake for 48 years and has three 10 Pound Bass Replicas*. Bob knows the lake and where to fish so you'll have a great day.

*10 Pound Bass Replicas are presented to fishermen who catch a 10 pound or larger bass on Toledo Bend Lake and have it registered and then release it live.

Bob Laroux, Fishing Guide

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